1. Itchygooney
    Itchygooney Logo #3.
    Here is the final version of the Itchygooney logo. I think it's cool.
  2. Itchygooney Logo Number 2
    Itchygooney Logo Number 2
    After many failed attempts, I rendered the services of a friend who designed this. Thanks A. T.
  3. Killer Bees
    Killer Bees
    This so happens to be William's first plan in my upcoming book.
  4. Book Cover Idea 1
    Book Cover Idea 1
    Thought I'd show you an early idea for the cover.
  5. Itchygooney Logo Attempt Number 1
    Itchygooney Logo Attempt Number 1
    This happens to be the first attempt I made at the Itchygooney logo. No so good is it.